Hefei's "Yu Ba" Nursing Home

At the Wanyilu Senior Citizen Care Center in Vanke Forest Park Community, Silihe Road, Hefei, the average age of 85 lives happily together. Recently, a piece of news spread across the elderly-15 nursing homes with less than 100 people received the "Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" medal.

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2019.06.11 Statement on Vanke Wealth's False Financial Products

2019.04.10 Li Xi, the secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, went to Shanwei to investigate and visit Vanke's help project ...

2019.01.07 Wang Yongkang, Secretary of the Xi'an Municipal Party Committee visited Qujiang Creative Valley for research and praised the creative ...

2018.06.15 Wanwei settled in Zhongshan, Wanwei Zhongshan Logistics Park was officially launched

2018.05.31 Vanke Group's Midwest Region signed a comprehensive war with Chengdu Urban Investment Group ...

2017.10.12 Vanke Hangzhou and NetEase carefully selected strategic cooperation to jointly perform online ...

2019.11.19Hefei is now "Yu Ba" nursing home

2019.10.12 Vanke's 35-year net profit increased by 1300 times ...

2019.06.22 Become a "life scener" for a better life Vanke creates a beautiful rural sample

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